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Our team

John Donald - Kingfisher Northern
John Donald

Managing Director

Previously Managing Director of Steelbeam Limited, and the Bellflower Group of Companies. John’s experience has been reflected in the growth of Kingfisher Northern as a major provider of project management services within the refurbishment and engineering industries, both in the UK and overseas.

James McDonagh - Engineering Project Manager
James McDonagh

Engineering Project Manager

James has recently joined Kingfisher Northern and has excelled in his role as engineering project manager. James cast experience and his close liaison with customers ensures that all projects are completed on time and within the required budget.

Andy Titherington - Kingfisher Northern
Robert Carrick

Business Development Manager / Senior Contracts Manager

As Kingfisher Northerns growth continues, the increase of the sales becomes essential. Rob is employed as Business Development Manager due to his wealth of experience within the construction industry. In 30 years Rob has dealt extensively with Architects and Design Engineers on refurbishment projects with major companies.

Robert Carrick - Business Development Manager / Senior Contracts Manager
Andy Titherington

Business Development Manager / Senior Contracts Manager

Andy has in excess of 30 years’ experience within the construction industry, originally an advanced craft painter and decorator he moved into management 15 years ago, He has a excellent understanding of the management of works, from the health and safety aspect to the completion of the finished product. He has been employed in the position of Business Development Manager/Senior Contracts Manager both to increase the client base and ensure that the contracts are delivered on time and within budget

Stephen Kirton - Administrator Assistant and Junior Project Manager
Stephen Kirton

Administrator Assistant and Junior Project Manager

Stephen works in conjunction with the Managing Director to ensure running of all projects and general control of office facilities and administration.

Ruth MacMillan - Engineering Project Manager
Ruth MacMillan

Administration Manager

In charge of accounts and admin.

What People Think About Us

About us

Kingfisher have over fifty years’ experience within the construction, engineering and refurbishment industry, our portfolio includes having worked for some of the top companies in the country. At present we are completing some more ongoing work for one of the major retail groups in their industry and would like to offer the same services to you. For us integrated facility management means creating a tailor made package that not only fits your needs, but will also fit your geographical and business profile and work culture. It also means providing services through our own teams, rather than through complex supply chains which only duplicate management levels and margins. We back this up with years of experience which makes it easier for you to monitor both our performance and your property portfolio. We pride ourselves on giving you the best of both worlds: all the efficiency savings of outsourcing, plus the same degree of control, commitment and accountability

In the current climate, everyone needs to economise, and we can deliver that – savings of up to 15% from day one. But we’re also helping our clients seize this opportunity to make more far-reaching changes to the way they do business, by reducing costs and increasing value. This is exactly where we can help. Our approach is designed to save you money today, and make your business more efficient and sustainable for tomorrow. All we ask is to quote you on your next project to let you see how competitive we can be, and also if we win the project you will see the quality of work that is already being acknowledged by all our customers. Please feel free to look at our website for a sample of projects we have completed within the last few years.